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Professional Real Estate Photography Services

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Construction Contractors Photography Services

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Condo & Home Staging Services


“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” ~ Ansel Adams

FOCI will see your success from start to finish. From gravitating trades portfolios to selling a home, we are here to make it happen.

Dear Real Estate Agents & Home Sellers

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Professional Real Estate Photography Services
It’s no secret that more and more buyers go to the Internet in search for their next home. As younger generations and first time homeowners have made the switch from the Yellow Pages to the Internet, and their favourite real estate shows are the Property Brothers and Love or List It, you better make an impression on these buyers.

According to a 2013 real estate brokerage Redfin study, professionally photographed homes tend to sell for more money and sell faster than homes listed with point-and-shoot cameras.

Homes also need to impress Internet savvy, baby boomer parents – they’re putting down payments on their kids’ first house. In recent Canadian surveys, as mentioned in the Globe and Mail, as many as one-third of first-time buyers reported that they needed help from their parents, especially in larger cities like Toronto. So the home better present well - especially to mom and dad.

So put your best foot forward with professionally crafted images that make and not break your sale. Don’t worry - you can thank us later.
  • 94% of buyers aged 25-44 use the internet to search for homes. (NAR) - 94%
  • A one to three percent investment in professional staging has a 69% return. (NAR) - 69%
  • home staging typically provides a 586% return on investment. (Home Gain Survey) - 586%
  • Homes staged prior to listing sold 79% faster than those staged after being listed. (RESA) - 79%
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Construction Contractors' Portfolio Photography
DIY has its place, but why risk it in photography? We are inundated with images in the digital world, but you will stop and look if the image is well done. Poor lighting, and cropped images of your work just won’t cut it. So don’t ask your son-in law to shoot your work just because he has the latest “pro” camera on the market. The pro is behind the camera.

Your work will get notice if you leave it to us. Our patient, detailed, creative eye will capture your wood finishes, your gorgeous hardwood flooring installation, your granite countertops, or your wainscoting so well, you will trust to leave it to us. We will shoot every last beautiful detail of your craftsmanship to make you proud of your portfolio.
Professional Home Staging & De-cluttering Services
Appropriate staging is integral to any home on the market as it compliments the overall interior design of a structure, it also creates a harmony, unity and an inviting environment to visitors. Our talented visual team has the art of composition and styling. We’ll use available materials to enhance the look of a room, or can provide our condo or home staging service if needed.

Our team of experts will maximize your home’s selling potential and our visual merchandiser team member above all, knows how to sell. Once worked with high-end retailers, we know how to sell large purchases. A house is one of them.

The end result: a beautifully staged environment to maximize its selling potential, and timeless images you’ll be proud to say, “I made that”. Yes you did.

You may know all the benefits to staging and statistics show that it increases the value of the home. At FOCI, our service also includes de-cluttering. It will cost you the least but benefit you the most. 403% ROI to be exact. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” So clearing the clutter will give you peace of mind. You’re welcome.
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