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Construction Contractors Photography


Whether you have a physical or digital portfolio, it is your calling card to success. Your best work must be featured, and it can take less than 10 good images to garner the interest of your next client. So, beautifully shot images will make your portfolio sing to your new client. And using a professional photographer will bring your images to light – literally.
Construction Contractors Photography Toronto Digital Portfolio

Let our craft exemplify yours...

Why invest on Professional Photography with us?

  • Give and inspire your customers what will be, not could be.
  • Our interior design and landscape photographers will highlight the best details of your craftsmanship.
  • Good photography sell your work, this will increase your online presence.
  • Photographs can be used for print and digital media. So print your portfolio with those awesome images and show them off online!
  • Make you more marketable.


According to Houzz statistics 15 million people in North America search for home improvement needs a month. 84% plan to decorate or redecorate their home and 48% plan to remodel, build an addition or build a custom home in North America. A good portfolio can make you stand out in the crowd.

Let us show off so you can show off

From high-end equipment, innovative artists to unprecedented talent, we love to show off what we’re good at. After the shoot we go straight to post production. From sharpening, colour correcting, dodging and burning, we spend time on our craft to make your craft shine. Connect with your clients by connecting with us.

Love your portfolio

Your work will get notice if you leave it to us. Our patient, detailed, creative eye will capture your custom cabinetry, your windows and doors installations, or your kitchen and bath renovations so well, you will trust to leave it to us. We will shoot every last beautiful detail of your craftsmanship to make you proud of your portfolio.

Love us

We are also fast and efficient. At Foci, we’ll give you well-crafted images at par to your hand crafted work on time, as expected. Another reason why you should leave it to the experts.

So whom would you trust: your son-in-law’s professional camera, or our professionalism? With us, you will see professional work.