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Call us toll free: 416-880-6304

Real Estate Photography


Who wouldn’t want to see quality images that will showcase a buyer’s dream home? We would. Especially the ones we shoot. Our professional real estate photographers will shoot to reveal the best features of the home.

Once shot, we take them to our digital darkroom. As master printers once lurked in actual darkrooms, we know a higher grade of photo imaging. We will colour correct, sharpen, burn, and dodge, anything to make your images ready to view by your potential buyers.
toronto real estate photography

Professional photography and virtual tours

We shoot to sell

Do the selling, while we do the shooting. As pros, FOCI knows quality and efficiency. Leave it to us to give you the images you need and the house you’ll sell. At FOCI, our team is awesome.

We’ll tell you why:

  • Formally trained photographers and videographers and filmmakers by reputable institutions.
  • Our gear includes DSLRs, prime lenses including wide angle, stands and strobes
  • Professional equipment and editing programs

Professional you

Really, we’re looking out for you. If you wouldn’t wear your favourite college shirt to your next client meeting, why would you take non-pro photos of a house you’re about to sell? Good photography makes you look good.

Again, we’ll tell you why:

  • Good images give you good online presence
  • You will attract buyer’s attention during their search stage
  • Impress your seller clients
  • You will get referrals
As you know, more and more home buyers go to the Internet shop and research (wow, shock!). In fact, 81% of shoppers do research online before making a big purchase. More and more search online to find property information from the Internet before their outing. So why not we shoot virtual tours of your next sell? We know lighting and design and we have the detailed eye to get the right footage. From the front door to the back, we will cover the best nooks and crannies. People can sit back to tour a house without leaving their Toronto home, so the next steps they really need to do is to go their next house and say “I’m home!”