Why is My Phone Camera Flashing Red?

Why is My Phone Camera Flashing Red?

Although Apple includes a documentation that explains the lights and symbols on the phone’s screen, a red light may appear adjacent to the earpiece speaker in some instances. So why is my phone camera flashing red? This means there’s moisture within your phone, and you’ll have to wait for it to dry before trying to use it again.

Why is My Phone Camera Flashing Red?

Detection of Water

When the iPhone’s water detecting sticker is enabled, a red light appears near the earphone speaker. When exposed to moisture or water, this little sticker on the interior of the phone becomes red. The light should go after the sticker dries up, at which point it will remain red. You should not attempt to use your iPhone while the sticker is red since elements within the phone may be wet as well.

why is there a red light on my phone near the camera android
why is there a red light on my phone near the camera android


The sticker’s red light could be activated for a variety of reasons. Because the iPhone is not waterproof, if it is submerged in liquid — for example, if it is dropped in a glass of water — the phone’s working parts may become wet and may malfunction. The red light could also be generated by using your iPhone in heavy rain or in locations with high humidity, when the moisture content of the air is high, because it measures moisture.

red light on phone camera android
red light on phone camera android


If your iPhone displays a red light near the earpiece speaker, you’ll have to wait until it dries off before using it again. Turn the iPhone off and unhook any cables before allowing it to dry. Place it in a bag of uncooked rice or a commercial desiccant to take out the moisture and speed up the drying process. It may take up to a month for your iPhone to completely dry out. Heat from a heater, hair drier, or other source should not be applied to the iPhone since it may damage the circuit.


You must safeguard your iPhone from excessive dampness or liquid spills to avoid the red light on top. Make it a practice to keep your phone away from glasses or mugs, and you might want to consider investing in a protective case to keep water out of your phone. If your iPhone becomes wet and the red light comes on, you should let it dry before attempting to service it or open the rear of the phone. Instead, bring your iPhone to an Apple store for expert guidance.

why is there a red light on my iphone near the camera
why is there a red light on my iphone near the camera

Is Blow Drying a Wet iPhone Beneficial?

Every iPhone owner’s biggest nightmare is a wet phone, especially because Apple’s warranty excludes liquid damage. While using a blow dryer can speed up the drying process, it has no effect on the Liquid Contact Indicators, which show whether the device was wet. Using a blow dryer to dry off an iPhone is one option, but it should be handled with caution.


For a cell phone, a hair dryer produces too much heat.

Blow toward the back of the phone with a blow drier on the “Cool” setting. Anything higher than that could permanently harm your dryer, so if it doesn’t have this setting, don’t use it. Because the screen is heat-sensitive, take extra care with it. Despite the fact that blow drying is one of the fastest ways to remove moisture, it’s best to wait a few days before turning on your phone. The residual water will short-circuit the device beyond repair if it is not properly dried out first.

why is the red light flashing on my phone
why is the red light flashing on my phone

Rice, uncooked

Rice has a natural ability to absorb water.

Rice contains moisture-absorbing capabilities by nature. Allow the iPhone to sit in a dish of dry rice for a couple of days. As long as the rice is uncooked, it will work. This is a foolproof method of removing moisture without the use of heat. Make sure the phone is thoroughly submerged in the grain for the best effects.

Bags for Moisture

Moisture kits are customized baggies that are used to keep electrical gadgets dry. They come with bead packages that take care of everything. Turn your iPhone off and place it in one of these bags for the night. The bags can be reused until the beads turn white, at which point it’s time to replace it.

why is there a red light on my phone near the front camera
why is there a red light on my phone near the front camera

Drying by Air

Place your iPhone near a window that doesn’t allow a lot of light in.

The safest way is to leave your iPhone outside to air dry. It takes a little longer, but there’s no chance of heat or chemical damage. Place the iPhone near a windowsill or other light source to speed up the process, but never in direct sunlight. Too much sunshine can cause heat, which can be just as harmful as using a blow dryer.

How to Get Wet IPhones Dry

When your iPhone is wet, you need to be quick. To avoid a dangerous electrical short, turn off your phone. Don’t forcefully shake the phone, since this can encourage water to migrate further across the circuit board. Leave it off the radiator, in the dryer, or in the oven, and don’t use a blow dryer on it. Don’t put it in the freezer since cold iPhones attract condensation. Warm is preferable than hot and cold.

why is there a red blinking light on my iphone 12
why is there a red blinking light on my iphone 12

Ensure that your iPhone camera is completely dry.

Remove the SIM card and the protective case. Dry the phone and card with a towel. Sandwich your iPhone between two DampRid sachets or bury it in silica gel packets in a quart-sized container. When you go to the store for DampRid, you can also use quick rice or low-dust kitty litter. Turn off your iPhone in a bag for at least 72 hours. Then breathe a sigh of relief if your iPhone turns on! Keep in mind, however, that if water — or even worse, chlorine or salt — is trapped deep within, components may deteriorate, resulting in iPhone failure months later.

Examine Your Insurance

Check to determine if you got accidental damage insurance with your iPhone if it hasn’t turned on after 72 hours. Most carriers’ insurance for an iPhone 6 has a $200 deductible at the time of writing, although AppleCare+ and SquareTrade both have deductibles of roughly $80.

flashing light on iphone front camera
flashing light on iphone front camera

Make a Phone Repair

Bringing your iPhone in for repair as soon as possible is your best bet for reviving it. It’s not the cheapest option, but if your iPhone has been drying for a few days without success, a skilled technician may be able to resurrect it by opening it, cleaning it, and replacing the battery.

Do Phone Camera Protectors Work

How to prevent iPhone Moisture Damage

Your iPhone will not take to water like a duck. Not only would water damage your iPhone, but it will also void your one-year limited warranty. An AppleCare Protection Plan does not cover it either. Being caught in the rain isn’t the only type of water exposure that will cause your iPhone to shut down. It will be affected by any liquid poured on it. Humidity and sweat affect your iPhone as well. The Liquid Contact Indicators inside your headphone jack and your dock-connector aperture at the bottom of the iPhone can be triggered by prolonged exposure to any form of moisture, which implies you’ll have to pay to have it repaired.


1st step

Raindrops splattering

When it’s pouring, keep an eye on your iPhone. Your iPhone isn’t so delicate that it can’t be damaged by a single drop of water. Even so, if you are unprotected, be sure you know how to answer or use your phone. If you’re traveling when it’s raining, bring a microfiber towel with you to wipe your phone screen safely.

why is there a red light on my phone near the camera iphone
why is there a red light on my phone near the camera iphone

2nd Step

When working out, never hold or use your iPhone, especially if you’re in a gym. Sweat from your palm and the humidity at the gym could cause your Liquid Contact Indicators to activate and damage your iPhone. While jogging, listen to music on an iPod. Sweat from your face could make its way down your headphone cables and into one of the Liquid Contact Indicators on your iPhone’s headphone port.

3rd step

If you’re having a shower, keep your iPhone out of the bathroom. The steam and humidity created by a hot shower in a bathroom with the door shut could activate your Liquid Contact Indicators, causing your iPhone to malfunction.

4th step

When eating or drinking, keep your iPhone in your pocket. Avoid any mishaps that may result in the loss of your iPhone, whether caused by you or someone else. A spilled drink could reach your iPhone laying on the table before you can grab it, triggering the Liquid Contact Indicator in your dock-connector opening, which is especially sensitive with the iPhone prone.

5th step

If you’re outside on a very humid day, wrap your iPhone with a microfiber cloth. High humidity and condensation on your iPhone may cause it to deteriorate. Your pocket’s cotton lining may provide similar protection.

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